tiistai 5. kesäkuuta 2012

FinnABLE 2020 -a meet with a Greek

Last March the municipality of Kirkkonummi enrolled in FinnABLE 2020 - a project that aims to create new methods and tools for sharing knowledge and experiences using new technology and advancing 21st century skills, especially problem solving and creativity. I personally took part in the kick off -meeting two months ago at the University of Helsinki. The athmosphere was inspiring.

The project is managed by professor Hannele Niemi and director Jari Multisilta from the Cicero Learning Center. The project is funded by Tekes together with universities (University of Helsinki and the Tampere University of Technology) companies and municipalities. Kirkkonummi is one of those municipalities. There are 12 schools involved with the project from Finland and many partner schools also from around the world.

Today we had a meeting at the Upper Secondary School of Kirkkonummi with two researchers (Jari Honkala / Helsinki and Marianna Vivitsou from Greece)one business partner and the principal of the school Mr. Matti Autero. The Upper Secondary School of Kirkkonummi is going to be one of the schools that will take part in this project. The Vuorenmäki School will also be involved.

I presented our plan for the project for the researchers. The plan is what I call version 1.0. Hopefully we still have time to work with the details in August. Anyway, we got good feedback. Our plan supports sharing, collaboration and problem solving. They are all important issues at the project. The researchers encouraged us to stick with a simple plan. The whole FinnABLE -project consists of many small projects and it's not necessary that the projects are very big. The idea is also that these projects would not end after FinnABLE 2020 but would last and change the school culture for good.

I thank you, Jari, Heikki, Matti and Marianna. It was a good meeting today! I'm especially thankful to Marianna who promised to organize a partner school for us from Greece. So, maybe in the near future also the pupils and the teachers of the Vuorenmäki School will have A MEET WITH A GREEK!

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